American Sniper

America's Most Lethal Sniper*
A two-hour propaganda movie for a political party populated by old white men and right wing nut-jobs, directed by a white, old, right wing nut-job based on the "story" of a compulsive liar and right wing nut-job.  Perhaps a more appropriate title would have been the working title for American Hustle; American Bullshit.  #OscarGold

Three Interesting "facts" about Chris Kyle

1. The Great-American bullshitter claimed to have killed 30 "bad guys" in New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina.
2. The Great-American bullshitter claimed he donated the profits of his book to War Vets.  A generous act if true... he actually kept them.
3. The Great-American bullshitter was successfully sued for $1.8M by Jesse Ventura, the former Governor of Minnesota, WWF Superstar and star of Predator and The Running Man.

*according to the front cover of the Great-American bullshitter's book


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