Henry Roscoe: Detective, Sort of

I've been absent from the KiV pages on and off for the last few months as I've been developing a Noir-Comedy for television.  Set against the competitive world of the Belfast Pub Quiz Circuit, it tells the tale of Henry Roscoe O'Toole, a high functioning alcoholic with acute self awareness and an unmanageable mortgage.  With a dead marriage and a lost job behind him, Henry sets himself up as a Private Detective (sort of) in order to pay the bills; but it's not long before he discovers that not all questions come with multiple choice answers.

I'm hopeful for a quick, high figure, sale and eventual world domination.  The first series has been delivered (ahead of deadline, thank you very much!) to the Arts Council funders, NI Screen, who will now attempt to find it a production home for my little darling.

I'm going to take a little more time before jumping back into the full-time blogging realm so expect a few more months of Papercut Reviews and shorter posts unless someone wants to buy my TV show.  If that's the case you can reach me [here] and I'll probably not bother blogging again.


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