Taken 2

No talking during the god-damn movie!
It treads on ground that's pretty well covered and you don't need to be semi conscious to follow it but judged on the genre, Taken 2 (or Taken 2: Look Who's Taken Now! as I like to call it) is a movie that doesn't have the stamina to finish at the pace it starts. The additions to the cast are great. Rade Serbedzija is one of my favourite actors, always playing antagonist, always under-appreciated but more than a screen commanding match for Neeson. The final "showdown" is lackluster.  Like a John Wayne western when he was a little too old and broken to cut it.

Three things to think about.

1. Rade Serbedzija's neighbour is Benicio Del Toro.  Picture that Ramsey Street fans.
2. Famke means "Little Girl" in Frisian...
3. Imagine how different the ending would be had she (like most learner drivers) stalled it.


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