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Kirk Johnson and the Intergalactic Space Rangers team need your help.  They're not asking for money, blood, or even souls offered to them at crossroads in the dark of night.  All they need is your ability to click 'Play'.  They've recently released the excellent first chapter of a new 50's style Radio drama named Doorways and Dimensions.  Volume One is called Breath and with a little assistance from everyone out there and a few clicks on to their YouTube channel 1 Million Views is most certainly an achievable goal.

The 1M views would see them net $100,000; this would be enough for them to film, edit and distribute the Television Pilot of Intergalactic Space Rangers through Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu.  The link to Doorways & Dimensions: Breath can be found [here] and is available to listen to for free!

The Team are also on the hunt for artistic talent, most specifically voice actors.  So if you've a set of pipes on you that can melt butter from across the room why not drop them a line? [here]


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