Behold, the Devil!

We don’t often break from format.  Sure, there’s the odd time when we’ll review a book, or do a little bit of shameless self-promotion but for the most part the reviews on KiV are all film… or at the very least TV movie.

However, with our Marvel at Marvel retrospective in full flow and Avengers: Age of Ultron only around the corner, not to mention the fact that he’s rumoured to be making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War… oh and we love him!  Knifed in Venice is going to be taking an in-depth squint at the Marvel/Netflix series about The Man without Fear, Daredevil.

From April, 10th we’ll be reviewing all 13 episodes of the Daredevil series.  Look at how it stacks up against the art of Gene “The Man without Peer” Colan, Frank Miller, and Steve Ditko –to name a few.  How it ties into the greater Marvel universe and, having previously flatlined on the big screen, where Horn Head could go next.

If you’re a lover of Matt Murdock and his nightly expeditions you should check out Dave’s Daredevil Podcast, hosted by DD superfan J. David Weter [here].  We highly, highly recommend it.


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