Welcome to the Gorphanage!

Some things are worse than losing your family...

Welcome to the Gore Orphanage.  Directed by debutante Emily Lapisardi, and starring Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, Reunion), the Home Shopping Network's Keri Maletto and Bill Townsend, this indie horror also introduces child performers Emma Leigh Smith, Nora Hoyle and Brandon Mangin Jr.

Produced by Cody Knotts (Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies), Gore Orphanage is a period horror.  Set in 1930's Scottsdale, PA (doubling for Ohio) we follow orphan Nellie as she is placed in the, ahem, gorphanage (did you see what we did there?!).  It doesn't take long for her to discover that the orphanage, Mrs. Pryor (Olsen), and those involved in the running of the institution are far from what they seem, and that there are worse things in life than losing your family...

Based on the chilling Urban Legend of the "Gore Orphanage" in Cleveland, OH the trailer for Gore Orphanage can be found [here].  Enjoy, children!


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