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I'm being very self-serving (deal with it!).  I've been asked to be the first contributor to what will, hopefully, become something of a literary movement here in sun-kissed Northern Ireland.  Fast City Fiction describes themselves as "Literature with balls.  Brewed in Norn Iron.", their objective is to build a community of like-minded authors from across the country who are interested in sharing their work and promoting the work of others.  They've written a little thing below.  You should check it out.

Fast City Fiction is a Belfast-based collective interested in collaborating, promoting and showcasing writers from Northern Ireland.  At present they are looking to make contact with authors who would like to share their work and provide a voice in raising the noise surrounding scribes from the North of the Emerald Isle.

First up for the month of June is the author of Lost Angeles and Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l], David Louden.  Louden’s third literary offering, White Mexicans, is released on Monday 13th July 2015.

Half novella, half short story compilation, White Mexicans is an American tale told in the Irish yarn tradition.  Populated with Louden’s usual spit and spite dialogue, off-colour humour and poetic lamentation of a world gone wrong; his third outing is a mix of fable and low-life fiction.

Too poor to escape Los Angeles, too weak to survive in it; Doug Morgan takes a job writing an Exploitation movie to pay the bills.  Struggling with the pay-off between art and commerce he finds himself on the path to redemption, if he can scrape himself off rock bottom.

“Truly Impressive… A Work of Art!” –Lost Angeles
“Bukowski comparisons are justified.  Louden has a turn of phrase that could put bigger names to shame.” –Lost Angeles
“Amazing Book!” –Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l]
“A Rare Voice!” –White Mexicans
“Bukowski’s attitude and to the point style” –White Mexicans

To introduce Louden to those who have not read any of his work we’ve asked him to share a sample from his forthcoming release.  The following is “how I see Northern Ireland” according to the author.  Ultra-Belfast [click here]

Interested in being July's featured Fast City Writer?  Contact us here.  You can also drop over and like their Facebook Page [here].


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