Sharpening the Knives of Venice

When Knifed in Venice first posted the remit was purely cinematic.  At the time my only outlet for creative pleasure was cinema, mainly Horror and Exploitation.  I was programming the only Grindhouse cinema in Ireland, with the Movie Bar, but since then times have changed.  I've changed.  I'm married now, I've a house, a pug, and can no longer stomach neat whiskey.

I've also been trying my hand as a writer... a writer writer and not just a critic.  I've two under performing yet well received novels to my name -Lost Angeles (2012), and Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l] (2013) and I'm in the middle of pulling together a novella-short story hybrid, White Mexicans.  Last year I received an award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to develop a Noir-Comedy for television.  I don't mention all this as a form of ego fellatio on myself... I don't have the lower back for that kinda shit.  I mention it in order to explain how I've changed, and how Knifed in Venice will be changing.  We still love Exploitation Cinema (there is no other cinematic movement like it!), we still love Horror movies too (we'll be reviewing Live-In Fear and George Clarke's latest, The Blood Harvest very shortly), but there's a lot of goggle-time for TV.  In reviewing the Netflix Daredevil series [reviews here], I realized how much I haven't been enjoying blogging over the past year or so.  I've also gotten back into collecting comic books and, when I can steal two hours, have been plowing through the backlog of Xbox titles I've been meaning to play for years.  So in order to try and recapture what it was that made me want to share my thoughts, idea, and general ramblings about the world of cinema; Knifed in Venice will be opening up to all the media I enjoy.

Hopefully long-term readers won't find the changes too objectionable... but if you do there's always the comment box.


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