Tron: Legacy

Tesco warehouse HGV drivers as re-imagined by Joel Schumacher
The Dude is back, and he's brought along Olivia Wilde (Cowboys & Aliens), and that lad from On The Road to take on a PlayStation 2 version of himself against a neon-clad backdrop that makes Batman and Robin look like a masterclass in moody mise-en-scene.  The point of this movie?  As lost as Flynn has been for the last thirty years.  Sure, there are some carefully placed warnings about the subtly of language, and the inevitability that self-sustaining A.I. will be our doooooom... but what Sci-Fi movie doesn't have these?  Or have them done better?  There's a third one on the way apparently.  Let's hope we have less of Michael Sheen channeling a Jim Carey's Riddler/David Bowie hybrid and more... oh, I don't know... plot.


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