COMIC: Convergence

Writer: Jeff King (et. al)
Artist: Carlo Pagulayan (et. al)

Convergence was set to be the marriage of DC’s Earth 2: World’s End and The New 52: Future’s End narratives that would attempt bringing together the DC multiverse characters and tie off everything… and we mean everything with a nice little red and blue bow.
Green Lantern couldn't handle his Stella any better
than anyone else can.
I’m a massive Batman fan, but aside from the Dark Knight (and Wonder Woman) I’ve lost my emotional connection with a lot of the characters from the DC Universe.  I had massive hopes that Convergence would reignite the love I once had for The Flash, the awe that lived behind my eyes when I looked towards Superman… maybe even the excitement that a kick-ass Arthur Currie can inspire.  Alas, it was not fully to be.  Yes, Convergence started strong, incredibly strong but it was this thunderbolt out of the gates that ultimately allowed for the two month miniseries to fall flat.  Peaking in #2 when a cowled Bruce Wayne came face-to-face with a cowled Thomas Wayne for the greatest father-son reunite, Convergence slumped to a slow middle section before finishing strong… nowhere near as strong as any one page of issue 2 but strong.
Fathers for Justice's next campaign just got a
little more complicated

Having started in on Marvel’s Secret Wars (2015), the problems with Convergence appear simple.  A book per week doesn’t allow for the tender, loving care that’s needed to nurse such an enormous cast.  One can only hope DC have learnt that lesson prior to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


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