FILM: It's Free Beyond the Grave

Writer/Director Davi de Oliveira Pinherio's Beyond the Grave is now (amazingly) free on Hulu U.S.A.  The post-apocalyptic horror that's part Lost Highway, part Se7en, and part vintage Romero is the winner of 14 International Awards and has played at countless festivals including Sitges Film Festival, East End Film Festival and Portobello Film Festival.

In a world where reality has been altered by magic and madness, an obsessed cop with a taste for vengeance is on the hunt for a deranged serial killer.  In a world where society has gone to the furthest extreme Beyond the Grave is a battle between not-so-good and purest evil.

Knifed in Venice will be reviewing Beyond the Grave shortly.  Keep an eye out for one of the most fierce films to come out of Brazil in years.  In the meantime check out Beyond the Grave on Hulu U.S.A [here].


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