COMIC: Bitch Planet

Women in Cages + Alien 3 - Aliens = Bitch Planet
It's the future and "non compliant" women are confirmed to an intimidating, authoritarian space prison only to be brutalized by the men in-charge.  Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly) and Valentine De Landro have managed to capture the brutality, originality, energy and atmosphere of an Exploitation movie, then added an element of Science Fiction to create one of the most incredible books to emerge on the market in the last year.  Alongside Sex Criminals, made by Kelly Sue's other half Matt Fraction, and Lady Killer, Bitch Planet is one of my favourite books.
When The Cube's ratings faltered The Body found other ways to pay rent.
What I love about Bitch Planet, aside from the Exploitation themes (I love me some Exploitation!) is the attention to detail that every single panel is given.  It's blatantly obvious that DeConnick and De Landro have an amazing love of the subject matter.  It's intoxicating, contagious even and one you won't be able to put down.  So hurry the fuck up and go read it!


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