BOOK: Naked Serial Killers in Volkswagens, by Catfish McDaris

There are few writers working today quite like Catfish McDaris.  He's collaborated with Charles Bukowski, has the same working class disillusion in his writing as John Fante, he's often associated with the likes of Allen Ginsberg but most amazingly you probably haven't heard of him.  It's OK, that's what we're here for.

Described as "one of the greatest weirdo writers" living today, Catfish's latest literary offering Naked Serial Killers in Volkswagen is a darkly hilarious, politically incorrect, novelette that explores the corrupted soul of the American Dream.

You can pre-order Naked Serial Killers in Volkswagens [here].  We'll be having a review of it later in the week but in the meantime if you'd like to dip your toe into McDaris' murky water we've added one of his poems below.

By Catfish McDaris

It was one of those nights,
for a million bucks, I couldn't 
come up with a line

"You still want to be a poet?"
Juanita asked, she flipped
four fat slugs into the ashtray

I looked at her & let out a sigh,
"You still don't understand, do
ya honey?" she hiked up her skirt

"Pussy is not what I need"
"What do you need?" she inquired
"A dictionary & a bottle of tequila"

"Fucking faggot" she fired twice
into my typer, blowing it to pieces
she slammed the door as she left,
I went to change my underwear


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