COMIC: They're Not Like Us [Vol. 1]

If you've even a sliver of teen angst left inside you,
there's a good chance you'll relate.  It's brilliant.
Eisner-nominated scribe Eric Stephenson teams up with artist on fire (not literally) Simon Gane to bring us Image Comics' latest sliver of brilliance; They're Not Like Us.  OK, then what's it all about, huh?  If you had to pigeon-hole it into something I'd shoot for - it's a cross between Heroes and Fight Club.  Interested?  Yeah I bet you are.
Jane was eager to find out what John thought of her "Interpretive Dance" workshop
Not only is the story completely captivating but Gane's artwork is something out of the heavens as he paints a pictures that's as beautifully fluid as any motion picture.


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