TRAILER: Brackish

Jane found the forest crawl competition a little... much
There are two (count ‘em, two!) rules in Horror movies.  Number 1 – people in grief are a god-damn danger to themselves and others, and 2 – never leave the City.  The further away you get from a 24-hour McDonald's the greater the chance of you being sexually assaulted, murdered, or both… in either order.

As though to highlight that Mad Angel Films have released the trailer to their new Horror title Brackish, directed by Matthew A. Peters.
"The biggest challenge dating the Blair Witch...? Going back to her place."
Stricken by grief over the death of his fiance, Sarah, Jake takes his sister up on the offer of packing his cares away and going off on a camping trip with her and her friends.  Unwittingly however, Jake manages to discover a truly dark secret of the small town, USA which poses the question that, seemingly, has no good answer…

“If you could bring her back, would you?”

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