COMIC: Rat Queens [Vol. 1]

Dear Santa,
If I can have but one thing this Christmas can you make it Batman Lego.  However, if I’m allowed two things please, please, please deliver me a Rat Queens movie!

If a Disney princess had the mouth of a sailor and the fists of
a pikey.
An elevator pitch for Rat Queens would probably say something along the lines of Lord of the Rings meets Suckerpunch via Sex and the City but it’s so much more than that.  MUCH, much more!!  Volume One sees the town turn against the Queens after one too many nights of copious alcohol and riotous behaviour.  Sent on a quest by the Mayor they find themselves ambushed only for them to come through the other side and get to work on which f*cker is trying to kill them.
Hipster fashion gone car-ra-zee with bird beards and shit. 

What Rat Queens does perfectly is set up a solid visual genre, introduce those genre conventions before smashing them completely… but doing it in such a way that it delivers everything (and more) the reader wants.  In the decade plus which has seen so many comic book movie adaptations this is one that must eventually come to the big screen.  It’s like Spring Breakers [review here] banged Conan the Barbarian and it’s funny as hell!


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