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A lot’s been made about the fact that DC/Warner are playing catch-up with their Marvel/Disney opponents on the cinematic stage.  Some have gone as far as to state that DC are rushing towards a Justice League movie rather than follow the “everyone gets one, and then we come together” formula that Marvel have patented.  Like it’s the only way to do things.  Let’s not point out that not everyone gets one, as this blog post is about something else.
The Marvel Collector Corps launched the first quarter of 2015
While it’s a matter of time before we see how the DC Extended Cinematic Universe shapes up against that of Marvel, there are some other avenues in which DC are incredibly far behind.  First off, let’s look at our weekly pull list.  Both Comic Book Powerhouses have their respective apps for digital reading but where Marvel trumps the citizens of Gotham and Metropolis is that with each hard copy book you buy, you can download a free digital version of the comic.  This is fantastic.  I share a Marvel account with my friend Ali.  I share a Marvel Unlimited account too, at $60 a year it gives you access to their entire back catalogue... unlimited access.  What do we get with our DC account?  We don’t have one.  If we want to share digital copies of our hard copy comics we have to buy them again.  There’s also no back cat facility meaning, for the most part, we’re both unwilling to give new titles a run out as we can’t share, read, discuss.
Though virtually identical to its Marvel rival, there's one down side to the DC
box which launches the first quarter of 2016
Then you have the excellent Marvel Collectors Corps.  Marvel brought out their first collectors box, which guarantees exclusive Funkos, variant cover comics, and other merch.  Launching to coincide with Avengers: Age of Ultron we were treated to an exclusive 6” Hulkbuster.  For $25 every two months you’re treated to a new theme, exclusive Pops and the kind of anticipation that sees you waiting by the door for the postman to call.  Does DC have anything similar?  No… well, now they do.  Named the Legion of Collectors, DC’s box carries exclusive Funko Pops, tee shirts, variant cover comics. It’s bi-monthly and costs $25.  Sound familiar?  Even the design of the box is reminiscent of what Marvel have been putting out for fast approaching a year.  So what’s the problem?

Unlike Marvel, DC’s box will not ship outside of the U.S. & Canada.

I am an enormous Batman fan but between DC’s lack of back cat, lack of digital generosity and now this I’m struggling to find a reason why I should hand over money on a weekly basis to an organisation that clearly has zero interest to giving me anything back.
DC/Warner are fast becoming Batman's greatest ever enemy

Will I still go see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?  Twenty-four hours ago I would have said fuck yeah!  At least five times.  Now I’m not too sure… unless I happen to be in the U.S. or Canada at the time of release.


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