COMIC: Wolf [Vol. 1]

If you can't make it to Burning Man, maybe he'll make it to you.
Antoine Wolfe is a hard-boiled paranormal Private Eye with something of a death wish.  One day he’s suddenly given a reason to live (as all good P.I.s are) when an orphaned teenie bopper enters his life.  Oh, and she might the key to pushing go on the apocalypse.

Set against modern day Los Angeles, Wolf marries imagery good enough to eat, humour sharp enough to cut and a narrative tense enough to leave you in traction to create a remarkable reading experience.  Though Wolfe himself is an interesting character the book is stolen by some of the supporting characters.  Keep an eye out for the former adult movie actor, he has the best joke in the entire volume. 
The neighbourhood changed when Oscar moved out of his bin

Though it feels a little slow in the month-to-month reading of the book, as a volume Wolf packs all the excellence of a Raymond Chandler novel, coupled with some gorgeous splash pages.


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