Long time readers of The Bat-Man will have their first encounter with Gotham by Gaslight etched into the brains.  Set in 1889 it sees Gotham's Bruce Wayne on a trip across Europe where he encounters the Father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud before coming to London and finding himself caught up in the case to catch Jack the Ripper.

A few years back there were plans to bring Gotham by Gaslight to our Xbox and Playstations but it unfortunately didn't make it out of development.  Now... or to be more specific in six days time, those Bat fans who were foaming at the dome with the prospect of seeing Mike Mignola's gothic protector animated will be able to feast their eyes upon Ripper.  

What's Ripper? Excellent question.  Funded through IndieGo-Go, Ripper is a fan made period film that pits the Dark Knight against Whitechapel's most notorious killer.  Need more... how about a trailer?!  


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