TV: Shadowhunters [Season 1, Episodes 1&2]

Based on the lukewarm film which was adapted the liberally borrowed collection of other people's lit by nasty fan-fiction goblin Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters tells the story of Clary; an 18 year-old girl who discovers she can see things muggles... mundanes, mundanes, I said mundanes, can't see.  When her mother is taken she begins a quest to get her back and discover her real identity.
When the episode ends you'll have 30 seconds to turn it off... make them count

Pick a piece of popular culture over the last half century and you'll tap into a line of Clary's origin.  Harry Potter, Twilight, not even Star Wars is safe.  It's like Rowling, Lucas and Meyer all jizzed into a pastry and then we were expected to eat it.

This is a terrible show.  How it exists must be considered a new Wonder of the World.  There's only two episodse available to avoid at the moment but more are coming... and I'd sooner eat a jizz pie.

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