BOOK: Sorteo de México!

If you hot-foot it over to Instafreebie now you'll be able to avail on many incredible books for absolutely nothing; one of the free books on the site is White Mexicans (& Other Short Stories That All Definitely Happened*).  Click [here] to grab yourself a free copy.  Among other things, White Mexicans contains the short story version of Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard which was expanded on to create a novel.  Why not check out the website [here].

Acerca del Libro
Too poor to escape Los Angeles, too weak to survive in it; Doug Morgan takes a job writing an Exploitation movie to pay the bills.  Struggling with the pay-off between art and commerce he finds himself on the path to redemption, if he can scrape himself off rock bottom.

Half novella, half short story compilation, White Mexicans is an American tale told in the Irish yarn tradition.  Populated with Louden’s usual spit and spite dialogue, off-colour humour and poetic lamentation of a world gone wrong; his third outing is a mix of fable and low-life fiction.

* The statement that all stories “definitely happened” is one used for entertainment purposes and should not be considered factual or legally binding.  All too often Mr. Louden is full of shit.


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