COMPETITION: War is Hell (But Not For VIPs)

Odyssey Cinemas, Belfast have teamed up with Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard to give its VIP peeps a little something extra.  Book Captain America: Civil War at the VIP screens now and on the night you might be sitting on a free, signed paperback copy of the superhero-heist novel.

Sign up for War, today!  Check your arm rest in-screen and enjoy the capes & cowls crime caper for free.

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Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard is available on Amazon in paperback and on Amazon Kindle in the mass market "Stars & Bars" cover and an Amazon Exclusive "blank variant".

Stu Hogan is idolized by every child walking Hollywood Boulevard apart from his own.  Working the star-studded street as a Batman impersonator alongside good pal Brian (Superman) and steroid shooting Ricky (The Incredible Hulk), Stu's love of alcohol, gambling and strippers have left him behind with his alimony, down on his luck and looking for a quick fix for both.

Seeing an opportunity to change his circumstances, Stu enlists his fellow superheroes for a daring heist that has the impersonators fall short of their counterparts' lofty standards causing friendships to fracture and divisions to become deadly.

Click [here] for the FREE zero chapter.


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