FILM: The League of Bats (Ranking the Caped Crusader) - #11

There's been a few cinema sites over the last week (plus change) that's been listing the "issues" with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and where it sits in the Batman cinema league.  For the most part, critically, the movie has been taking one hell of a unjust beating... largely from people who have a superficial overview of the source material used to populate Zack Snyder's tale of two cities.  It's like criticising Titanic (not because it's a terrible movie) but because the boat sinks... that's what happened.  That's the "source material" of the movie.
Batman came home early to find his young ward mid "house party" & the
boy was never seen again.
No doubt every site out there will have an opinion and a ranking of the movies.  Throwing in our two bits is, on its own, redundant but I've recently released a superhero heist novel (or superheist) called Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard.  For as long as it takes to complete our countdown the "zero" chapter of my capes and capers lit will be available on the book's official site, and in order to keep the list manageable we're only looking at live action performances from the rights holders (no animation, no fan film)... otherwise The Dark Knight Returns 1&2 would pre-claim two of the top three slots.
11. Batman (1943)
J. Carrol Naish || Batman

I guess someone has to bring up the rear in any league and with eleventh place comes our first surprise (we're not looking out a Joel Schumacher movie already).  Naish's suit is what you would expect from the era but it's also rather faithful to the comics.  The biggest problem with these Batman serials is that in 1943 the Dark Knight was still a character in creation.  Formed, yes but the clay was still very much wet.  Sure he was no longer "packing heat" and the purple gloves have gone but the rogues gallery was far from being fleshed out and extraordinarily absent.
The Monopoly Man kept one of his "get out of jail" cards for a
fun night with a drugged vigilante
Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard is available on Amazon in paperback and on Amazon Kindle in the mass market "Stars & Bars" cover and an Amazon Exclusive "blank variant".

Stu Hogan is idolized by every child walking Hollywood Boulevard apart from his own.  Working the star-studded street as a Batman impersonator alongside good pal Brian (Superman) and steroid shooting Ricky (The Incredible Hulk), Stu's love of alcohol, gambling and strippers have left him behind with his alimony, down on his luck and looking for a quick fix for both.

Seeing an opportunity to change his circumstances, Stu enlists his fellow superheroes for a daring heist that has the impersonators fall short of their counterparts' lofty standards causing friendships to fracture and divisions to become deadly.

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