FILM: The League of Bats (Ranking the Caped Crusader) - #10

Where do we stand on another visit to Crime Alley?  Many people have rolled their eyes and huffed not again, stop going down that f**king alley!  Personally, Snyder's depiction of the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne was more than necessary and the reason is two-fold.  One - the reason that *spoiler* connects Batman and Superman through parentage but the second is a lot more interesting.  Snyder has reset the events of Crime Alley, where Nolan's Joe Chill saw the bitter edge of street justice, BvS tows the line of the comics leaving Bruce Wayne without any degree of closure and a more embittered rationale for taking to the street.
"Let's go to the movies, he said.  It'll be great, he said."
It also gives Affleck's Batman a harder edge.  He's been battling crime in Gotham for more than two decades, most likely he's seen the same faces repeatedly over the years.  Crime, punishment, release.  Crime, punishment, release and yet the killer of his parents has never been brought to justice.  It justifies the bat-branding, it's a deeply jaded Batman's last ditched effort to clean the streets for good.  His war on crime has been as fruitful as a war on waves would be.  

10. Batman & Robin (1949)
Robert Lowery || Batman
Johnny Duncan || Robin

Straight in at number 10 we have the other collection of Batman serials from the end of the 1940s.  Where the J Carrol Naish Batman serial came up short on the supporting characters, Lowery's Batman, has both Robin (Johnny Duncan) and Vicki Vale (Jane Adams) but little else... and the main villain across the 15 serials is a character called The Wizard.
Down the road, turn right, then left.  If you see Jumbo's Clown Room you've
gone too far.
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