FILM: The League of Bats (Ranking the Caped Crusader) - #6

Zack Snyder is one of the most visually motivated directors working in Hollywood today.  Throughout Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice there are dozens of incredibly beautiful looking sequences that could be raved about.  One in particular sees the Dark Knight in hot pursuit of the KGBeast, a haulage van and a lump of green rock.
Batman v Traffic Warden: Clamp of Justice
Over the years there have been extraordinary Batmobiles.  The Adam West/Burt Ward ride is one of the most easily recalled, visually striking and a real crowd-pleaser but hardly one to protect you on the mean streets of the DCEU Gotham.  Flash-forward some twenty plus years and you're met with the stylish Keaton-mobile which topped out at 35MPH and would most definitely have been left in the dust of the modern vehicle.  It's only in the last decade that we've been treated to a Batmobile that's well-armoured and at the same time has enough under the hood to tear around a race track.  My one issue with the Tumbler is how Bale's Wayne came into possession.  Sure, it's owned by Wayne Enterprises but he's almost gifted it by Lucius.  Affleck's Batmobile is custom made.  Made by him and Alfred specifically to do battle on the streets of Gotham and it does.  During the pursuit of the KGBeast not only do you see the speed of the vehicle but the raw power of it as it cuts through the haulage van like a cheap tin of pears.

6. Batman: The Movie (1966)
Adam West || Batman
Burt Ward || Robin

Don't talk shit about Adam West.  Sure, his time under the cowl was Pop Art meets camp but he was the man he pushed Batman into the mainstream psychology.  Batman (1966) was so beautifully faithful to the visual aesthetic of the Silver Age comic book run.  Take a look at a book.  Crack open any Detective Comics Batman title during that time and you'll be greeted by the visual tapestry that adorned the TV series.
Watch where you're putting that hand, Robin.
Adam West's Batman is responsible for the Batman landscape we have today.  At that time, in the comic books (as unthinkable as it may seem now) several of the Caped Crusader's iconic enemies had been retired.  Catwoman, and The Joker were both on ice.  It was only with the popularity of the series that these characters return to the Rogues Gallery.  So why isn't this movie in the Top 5?  Narratively it bares no real connection to anything you'll have seen between the pages of DC.  Though Joker, Catwoman, Penguin and The Riddler all look the way they do/should they're not psychologically true to their origins.

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