FILM: The League of Bats (Ranking the Caped Crusader) - #7

A lot's been made of Lex Luthor and his motives in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  As much as I would have loved Bryan Cranston as a bald-headed tyrannical billionaire I actually like what Goyer and Terrio's script did with the character.  The updated Luthor as a twenty-first century tech tycoon is a different type of threat.  One with less physical presence that needs to be catered for in other methods.  Luthor has always been cerebral, adding to that wouldn't do much for the character. The added threat is Lex Jr's psychological instability.  For the most part Eisenberg does a good job at pitching between crazy, deranged and downright nerdy, though there are a few moments that will leave to wishing he'd pair it back.
"And then I said, That's why Nick Fury doesn't need his glasses anymore."
"Now God bends to my will", it's a beautiful line that sums up Luthor perfectly.  The instant Batman appeared on the scene, Lex would have went about digging into him; understanding everything there is to know about the Dark Knight before uncovering his identity.  He would have done the same when the Man of Steel made an appearance in Metropolis and immediately went to work at how best to destroy them both by using each other.  Plan A: The Bat kills the Boy Scout then Luthor takes out The Bat.  Plan B: Luthor leverages the Last Son of Krypton to kill the Bat before using Doomsday to destroy Big Blue.  Where his plan falls down is his assumption that *spoiler* with Doomsday being "blood of my blood" he would be able to control the ancient beast.

7. Batman Forever (1995)
Val Kilmer || Batman
Chris O'Donnell || Robin

There's some nice elements in Batman Forever; the robbery of the Second National Bank of Gotham was executed extremely well (ignoring all the neon) and Val Kilmer isn't a bad Bruce Wayne but there are too many holes in this old boat for it to float.  Jim Carrey is not Edward Nigma, he's every Jim Carrey character ever with a question mark on his clothes.  Tommy Lee Jones is a little better... but only a little.  He looks remarkably like the Animated Series' Harvey Dent but his performance always feels like he's trying to capture what he thinks Jack Nicholson would do with the character.
None of these buildings have neon.
There's also the issue of Chase, the psychiatrist played by Nicole Kidman, who plays Bruce Wayne's love interest.  Not only is she completely unnecessary but oh-my-fucking-gawd why does someone have to find out Batman's identity with each movie?  Not to mention the fact that he would never volunteer that information.  Weak sauce.

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