FILM: The League of Bats (Ranking the Caped Crusader) - #8

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the first iteration to show us a different side of Alfred Pennyworth.  Whether it's Alan Napier (Batman, 1966-68), Michael Gough (Batman - Batman & Robin, 1989-1997) or Michael Caine (Batman Begins - The Dark Knight Rises, 2005-2012) though the tone has changed there has been one constant.  The faithful servant of Wayne Manor has always been the bow tie & tails rendering.
"Just remember to delete your internet history when you've finished with the
Bat-Computer, Robin."
It should come as very little surprise that the new DC Extended Universe (under the watchful eye of Geoff Johns) should borrow from his excellent Batman: Earth One graphic novel.  Jeremy Irons' Alfred is a tough-talking, whisky swilling, grease-monkey who doesn't stand on ceremony. Where necessary he delivers some home-truths and even *spoilers* pilots the goddamn Batwing!!  He's a fantastic piece of casting, an exceptional piece of writing from Goyer and Terrio; one of the high points of the movie.

8. Batman Returns (1992)
Michael Keaton || Batman

Before you start screaming heretic!  Stop, and think it through.  Though enjoyable in parts, Batman Returns is a Batman movie in name alone.  Batman does little-to-no detecting, he's also exclusively reactive rather than proactive and has an non-existent relationship with Commissioner Gordon.  Add to that Catwoman is created by getting licked by some "magic cats", Penguin is one police report from being a rapist and the entire storyline is straight out of the TV show.  Wait... there's more because Batman Returns has in it the mile-marker that opened the door to Batman & Robin.  
*Throws Bat-Shade*
I get that you might want to take control of the Batmobile.  I can even overlook the fact that a group of carnies can get the blueprints for a one-of-a-kind vehicle and that their tent building skills gives them enough knowledge to deconstruct and put back together the Dark Knight's ride... but why the fuck does Penguin need a kids ride from a supermarket to operate it from?  I call guano on that.

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