COMIC: James Bond 007 - Vargr [Vol. 1]

Dynamite Comics have a nice little band of film rights at the moment, including the excellent Shaft comic adaptation.  Written by Warren Ellis, Vargr is an original 007 adventure that utilizes the 00 Agents specific skill set to tell a sometimes complex, sometimes energetic but always thrilling story.

What's excellent about Ellis' Bond book is also what might turn you off after the first few issues.  It has the look and feel of a Bond story.  It even opens with Bond at the end of a previous action-packed assignment.  The problem with this is you might end up at book 3 and still only be in the formative moments of a cinematic Act 2.  Take it from me, don't give up.  I purchased the first two then thought it may be a book better suited to TPB.  Fortunately for me, my pal Al saw it out.  Visually the book is gorgeous.  It remains timeless by not tipping its hat towards any of the Bonds' likenesses and the "bullet panels" are spellbinding.


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