FILM: The First Casualties of Civil War

Following up on our Captain America: Civil War review.  Here's a list we comprised of all the characters and events we'd wanted to see in the movie but obviously didn't.  This list was generated prior to the movie's release.

Doug the Mutant. Doug is a growth that resides on the back of “Jerry”.  Jerry sweats out of his butt when he gets nervous.  Nice, right?!

New Warriors TV.  It’s unlikely that Speedball and co will be the catalyst for the SHRA as we’re yet to see them in a Marvel Cinematic Universe offering to date.  More likely, it’ll be as a result of the events in everything that’s come before in the MCU.

Clone-Thor straight up murdering Goliath.  Just let that sink in.

Wolverine in Atlantis, wearing an Iron Man suit, and kicking ass.  Fox still own the X-Men and are doing alright by them.  Civil War will be missing the grumpy-one’s own brand of investigation.

The Negative Zone.  Without Reed Richards on-board for Civil War it’s unlikely we’re going to see the Marvel version of Guantanemo… though if anyone is developing it, please put the Fantastic Four movie in there.

Jennifer Walters, Attorney at Law.  We’ve barely had a Bruce Banner Hulk outside of the Avengers movies so the likelihood of us getting some She-Hulk is slimmer than an overstretched Mr. Fantastic.

Daredevil.  Yup, another lawyer superhero who probably won’t be there.  Yes, the Netflix series was exceptional and they could give over a few minutes to Horn Head but with Iron Fist deputizing as Daredevil while Matt Murdock was in prison during the time of Civil War, it’s probably too messy to touch.

Captain Marvel.  She’s getting her own movie… but not in time.  Carol Danvers has been touted as to be portrayed as Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Rhonda Roussey, even Rebecca Ferguson (not that one!) has had her name thrown into the casting ring.  But as she’s yet to be cast there is subzero chance of her appearing.

The Actor, Simon Williams aka Wonder Man.  This is a good thing.  Wonder Man suckkkkkks!

Ben Urich’s All The President’s Men style of reporting brought about a fantastic story-arc in Civil War involving SHIELD deputizing super-villains to help with the capture of Captain America and those against the SHRA.  Unfortunately, with the demise of Ben at the hands of Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) in the Netflix series we’re probably going to get a heavily diluted version of this… if anything at all.

The Merc with the Mouth.  Deadpool has a small, yet hilarious, hand in events including one face-to-face with POTUS alongside his partner from the future, Cable.  Won’t be happening though, so deal with it.


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