FILM: Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey

The good people over at DC are doing the Lord's work!  While Marvel are happy to ignore the fact that 51% of the planet's population is female, DC have embraced their heroes and villains regardless of gender.  If they're good enough then they're worthy enough, right?!  While the Captain Marvel movie takes ever so tentative steps (8 years into the MCU), Black Widow gets passed around like some drugged up rentboy at a 1950s Hollywood party, and She-Hulk simply doesn't exist, DC have not only finished principle photography on Wonder Woman but have now greenlit for production a female centric heroes and villains movie due to start Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), most likely Jena Malone (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl) and the yet to be cast Birds of Prey.

Add to that, that in the Suicide Squad trailer Harley has (literally) all the best lines and it only goes to show the difference in culture between the Big Two when it comes to their female heroes.


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