FILM NEWS: J-Law's Going Rogue

According to Jennifer Lawrence is to join Sandra Bullock in an "extended universe" Ocean's Eleven movie. It's not a reboot, Bullock is Danny's sister who pulls together an all female crew.
I really like the idea of this. What worries me is that it comes across as a little derivative and if it doesn't work it'll be because "it's a female cast" rather than the fact that it's derivative. The Jeremy Renner Bourne movie didn't work but nobody said "it's because it's a man".

What would work better would be an all female adaptation of a movie that's been out of the public eye for a while... my favourite heist... The Hot Rock. Watch that movie then tell me J-Law wouldn't KILL IT alongside Bullock and someone like Camren Bicondova (Selena Kyle - Gotham) then throw in Jane Fonda in the antagonist role. I'd watch that... I'd watch the hell out of that!!


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