TV: 24 Legacy [First Look]

After a successful mission to take out terrorist leader Bin-Khalid, U.S. Special Forces soldier Eric Carter returns home.  The quiet life, however, never lasts long when the yellow clock is ticking and before long Eric is targeted by men close to the fallen Bin-Khalid.  With his life on the line, a major terrorist attack expected within the day in the United States and Jack Bauer living it up in a Russian equivalent to Hotel California, Eric turns to CTU for help as the worst day of this young soldier's life begins...

I love 24.  From its first airing on BBC in 2001 I have been hooked to the split screen ever since.  Though 24: Live Another Day was a welcome fix for my real time addiction the way the showrunners utilized the "time jump" lacked imagination and ultimately left me wondering "why come back at all if you're just going to end it like this?". 

Back in the show's pinnacle (Day 5) I would have been one of the people screaming "It's not 24 without Jack Bauer!" because it wouldn't have been.  But a weak Day 6, confused Day 7 and a familiar Day 8 meant that when the clock finally ticked down on Bauer I was happy to see him get an ending, and happier that he made it out alive.  Jump forward three years (in classic 24 style) and suddenly Jack has surfaced in London, hot on the heels of a terrorist attack but it wasn't long before you got that feeling that the show was getting ready to trade on past glories to get through the day.

Was I pleased with Jack's showdown with Cheng?  You bet.  Was it necessary?  No.  That's part of the reason why 24: Legacy excites me so much.  Though the history of the show is there and will hopefully wear it in the politics of the America that Bauer saved time and again, that anchor of history has been cast off.  With a new hero comes a chance to break new ground, something 24 was all too good at, and the trailer demonstrates exactly what it's about.

If 24: Legacy proves to be a success where it matters (audience and boxsets) then that opens the show up to countless possibilities for an extended universe.  The 24: LAD DVD carried a five minute teaser for a storyline that would see Tony Almeida undercover inside prison as he attempts to work off some of the bad karma he collected during the course of Day 7.  I would very much like to see that.


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