FILM: Dreamkillers

Dir: Erica Roselle
Running Time: 7 mins

If you’ve ever tried to do something creative then you’ll recognise too many elements of Erica Roselle’s Dreamkillers.  Once you get past the self-doubt, embarrassment, and (if you’re a lapsed Catholic like myself) guilt you still have the outside world to contend with.

Roselle’s short depicts the psychological and emotional damage detractors have on one's dreams, laid out on screen as a brutal physical assault.  As the lashings rain down on our protagonist, the film maker makes an impassioned speech to the audience in an effort to encourage them back on to their feet.  The relentlessness of the assault gives the film an almost neo-religious feel as Maria is lashed to within an inch of her life; and then beyond.

This kind of “set-piece cinema”, when done right, can be something that’s inspiring… life altering even.  Roselle’s Dreamkillers paints a brutal picture which turns triumphantly beautiful and delivers a resounding war cry of follow your dreams.

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