BOOK: Wonder Woman - Earth One [Vol. 1]

Throwing shade is my business, and business is gooooood.
There's a chance you've missed the Wonder Woman trailer released at Comic-Con.  If that's the case, there's a chance you've missed this book too (as you clearly live on another planet).  Completing the Earth One Trinity, Wonder Woman: Earth One sees Grant Morrison take the wheel steering Diana straight into conflict with her Amazonian sisters, and a date with almost 75 years of comic book history.
It's a boy!!

Morrison's M.O. will divide people.  Good.  People are boring enough without them always agreeing with one another.  Taking the problematic, retconned, and forgotten motifs the Scottish writer strips WW all the way back to her origins; her true origins, connecting her spiritually with her creator William Moulton Marston on a level that no other writer has tried before.  Add to that some mind-bendingly beautiful artwork from Yanick Paquette and you have a classic.


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