FILM: One Knight in Arkham

A matter of weeks before we’re treated to the second outing of Ben Affleck’s Batman this year in Suicide Squad we’re getting reports that his solo film co-written with DC Creative Chief Geoff Johns may take place inside the confines of Arkham Asylum.

The infamous Gotham location has featured briefly in Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and Batman Begins but is yet to receive the level of attention cinematically that it has been treated to in comic book, graphic novel and videogame form.

Earlier in the year Affleck stated that his Batman film will be an original story putting an end to speculation that Under the Red Hood or Arkham Asylum would be getting the big screen treatment.  We'll have to wait and see what Affleck and Johns have in store for us, but with some stories in recent past highlighting that Martha Wayne's family tree stems from the Arkham family it would be an exciting prospect to see where they may go if the psychology of genetics were to be explored.


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