TV: Heroes for Hire [Luke Cage & Danny Rand Come to Comic-Con]

Everyone's favourite couple, Marvel and Netflix, just dropped a ton of stuff at San Diego Comic-Con and it all looks incredible.  First up, Luke Cage, starring Mike Colter which drops on the streaming site at the end of September.
Mike Colter as Luke Cage makes John Shaft look like a semi.

On an episode of Fat-Man on Batman, Joe Quesada explained how each of the four shows would have their own unique feel.  Having seen two seasons of Daredevil's inner city sprawl ala Michael Mann and Jessica Jones' Noir inspired rendering we've come to the Power Man himself, and what feels like a Blaxploitation superhero funkathon through the streets of Harlem.  It's magnificent; it's Coffy, Cotton Comes to Harlem and Shaft all combined.  Check it out for yerself, yo!

If that wasn't enough we were given the news that Daredevil will be back for Season 3, Jessica Jones will be back for Season 2 and a first look at Danny Rand in Iron Fist.  Enjoy!


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