TV: Where the Hell is True Detective?

True Detective, the incredible anthology detective series, is missing.  Someone call Without a Trace or one of the 13 CSI shows and get someone to look into it because Season 3 is missing... or is it?  There's speculation that HBO's new procedural cop series The Night Of is actually a re-branded True Detective; after some cry-babies gave off that Season 2 "wasn't like the first one".  Others believe that The Night Of is a hint that TD3 is coming, the theory being that HBO's new show is a timeslot marker while creator Nic Pizzolatto finds the story he wants to tell.

Former HBO President (does he still get called President?  Honorary title?) Michael Lombardo held his hands up for the critical blows the Colin Farrell-Vince Vaughn driven season took stating "I become too much of an Network Executive", eluding that he perhaps pushed at Pizzolatto to deliver before it was ready.

HBO have form for letting shows brew.  David Chase's The Sopranos left the air missing the new Fall window as he worked on the stories until they were just right.  Perhaps Pizzolatto will do the same.  Perhaps the True Detective trilogy will come back around (the way trilogies tend to do), Matthew McConaughey has been candid about his willingness to return as Rust Cohle.

Now someone stand, hands-on-hips, by a body of water, remove their sunglasses and say something seemingly innocuous yet really important we've a missing TV show to find!


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