BLOG: Citizen Smith - Cacophony

There's a handful of writers who have managed to work on Daredevil and Batman; Kevin Smith is one of them.  Having successfully pitched the idea of a limited-run Batman book to DC Smith brought in old friend Walt Flanagan (Clerks, Mallrats) who had been making waves in his own right as a comic book artist.  Smith's approach to their joint childhood dream of working on the bat was to ask Flanagan which villains he wanted to draw; so Smith could work them into the story.

In Cacophony, Kevin Smith brings some of himself to the Bat-Man.  Notably, the often stoic vigilante is a lot more wordy under the pen of the Redbank film-maker.  There's also several jokes that in the first instance might seem out of place until you look at Cacophony through the prism of Smith as an Auteur.  Like his work on Green Arrow, Smith brings a jest to proceedings that is quintessentially him not to mention set-pieces, setups and panels that echo his own inspirations in much the same way as Mallrats.

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