BLOG: Citizen Smith - Daredevil & Green Arrow

Back in the 90s Smith got the sweetest of gigs writing the script for Superman Lives.  Though it never made it out of pre-production it served as a wedge to open the door into comic book writing.  With the help of Joe Quasada, Smith took over duties on Daredevil with the book getting a new No. 1.  It gave Smith the opportunity to write his personality all across a book that was really in the toilet.  Circulation was down, all the way down.  It needed a Guardian Angel, what Smith delivered was Guardian Devil.  Digging deep into his personal life, Smith penned a story rich in religious iconography.  Like Matt Murdock, Smith's struggles with Catholicism have led to him being an incredibly interesting personality.
Tom Selleck is One Devil and a Baby

Unsurprisingly, it was Smith's submergence into pure fiction that allowed him to write without fear.  He couldn't always rely on a cock-nugget gag; the emotional wounds had to sit fresh on our lead character.  He was also responsible for the unthinkable; the murder of Karen Page.  Matt and Karen had been through the ringer over the years.  In having Bullseye kill her, Smith adds a layer of torment on Matt that hadn't been put upon him since Frank Miller killed Elektra.  Think about that, Frank Miller and Kevin Smith are responsible for the two biggest instances in Matt's life outside of his origin story.
It's Batman's vehicle so it's Batman's playlist.  Hands off the radio, Ollie.

After a successful run on Daredevil, Smith moved across to DC and Green Arrow.  Again it was a book in crisis and again, liberated from the easy option of a penis gag, Smith wrote like a man on a mission.  He wasn't just out to prove himself in a new medium; he understood this character the way he did Holden, or Brody, or Dante.  When there's honesty in the writing it finds its audience.  Smith took Green Arrow, which was a basement book, and made it a No. 1 selling comic before handing off to Brad Meltzer.  Read his Daredevil, check out his adventures under the hood of Oliver Queen.  His writing of Marvel and DC properties is his world view, his values and a large chunk of wishfulment.  We all want to be a superhero.  The next best thing is to be able to write for them, command them into doing the deeds you can't.  It's through their actions that you get another glimpse of Kevin Smith - the man and in particular how he's changed since those days watching Batman The Animated Series while on duty at the Quik Stop.

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