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If a career in cinema, comics, and television wasn't enough Smith has jumped two-footed into podcasting.  Though he's on a gaggle of shows, the most interesting is Fatman on Batman.  He doesn't just chronicle his love of the Dark Knight but also gives opportunity to creators and collaborators who have worked on Bill Finger's character to chronicle their life journey to the Bat-Man and beyond.
Rushmore gets 400% more vigilante-y

Over the years he's discussed the lives of the likes of Neal Adams, Denny O'Neill and Scott Snyder not to mention giving air-time to his own official charity The Wayne Foundation; an organisation attempting to stop the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation.  This philanthropic side of Smith demonstrates how everything he touches is almost uniquely him.  Even his charity work has a comic book connection, is discussed candidly and with the same level of humour you'd expect from a Mallrats sequel.  Through his conversations with other writers we don't just see inside their lives but inside his.  Whether it's the story of how he came to own Ben Affleck's old house.  How he got started in comics, or the inspiration for naming his daughter after Paul Dini's greatest creation; Kevin Smith's work consistently carries the brand of its creator.

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