COMIC: Power Girl - A New Beginning

Your teeth may be on the floor but my eyes are still up here!

Anyone who says "DC take themselves too seriously, man." have never picked up an issue of Power Girl.  Having re-established herself in New York; Karen Starr aka Kara Zor-El (Earth 2), aka Power Girl has started up her company again and is looking to piece her life back together.  Enter the Ultra-Humanite.  Power Girl gets a lot of criticism for the size of her "attributes" but the comic is at its best when Pee Gee uses her physical form to subvert expectation, wrap the dumb men around her little finger and do all of this while throwing as many jokes as punches.  

She's brilliant.  A New Beginning is brilliant.  Justin Gray's writing and Amanda Conner's artwork is brilliant.  It begs the question where is the Power Girl: Rebirth book?


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