FILM: Batman vs Robin

"Eat your greens!"

Batman vs Robin powers on to the small screen with some serious pedigree behind it.  Not only does it have Jay Oliva (The Dark Knight Returns Part I & II), but borrows extremely heavily from Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder's runs on their respective Batman books.  Cutting together the conflict between Bruce Wayne and his son, Damian (from Morrison's book) and Snyder's incredible Court of Owls storyline the DC animated universe serves up a powerhouse of a movie.  Or at least it does on paper.  Jason O'Mara is an odd choice as Batman.  The voice doesn't seem to carry the weight of a Kevin Conroy, and the animation style is a little too far away from the Animated Series for my liking.  Though Batman vs. Robin delivers a lot of the Court of Owls storyline, some of the more intense moments in the book are lost for pacing.  In a few years time I'd like to see a straight adaptation of CoO and everything that leads on from it.
Bats got killer dance moves


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