FILM/BLOG: Citizen Smith - The Death of Superman Lives!

Back in the late 90s, Kevin Smith had a meeting at Warner Bros who wanted him to write a sequel to Beetlejuice... but when they mentioned Superman he hit a geek boner and set into motion a story that has gone down in infamy.
Smith poured his heart into a script which featured Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Doomsday and even Batman.  Even with Jon Peters' (BatmanWild Wild West producer) weird requests 1. no flying 2. no suit 3. he must fight a giant spider, Smith delivered the best script he could to keep the film alive long enough for Tim Burton to sign on as director and insist on a rewrite.  It is a fascinating documentary about the aborted Man of Steel movie that would have starred Nicolas Cage as Superman, and followed the story arc of The Death of Superman but it also serves as a horror movie/cautionary tale.  The more you watch the more you realise that some people shouldn't be allowed near film.  Burton and Peters' attitude towards the source material is obnoxiously hateful.  I can't understand why you want to make a cinematic adaptation of a piece of long standing source material only for them to attempt to change the entire essence of the character.  Though Superman Lives would have been a shit and blood filled clogged toilet of a movie, The Death of Superman Lives - What Happened? is fascinating.  Thankfully, Warner Bros have learned their lessons from the past both fully realised and aborted.


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