COMIC: Batman - 2016 [Vol. 1]

Tom King steps into the biggest shoes in comics as he takes over from Scott Snyder on the (now fortnightly) Batman book.  With Geoff Johns' Rebirth laying down some epic story pipe you'd be forgiven for thinking the world's greatest detective would be digging into why Dr. Manhattan has been screwing around with the timeline of DC Comics' nearest and dearest... but you'd be wrong.  In fact, outside of Batman guesting in The Flash: Rebirth I've yet to see this story handled at all.

Batman: Rebirth saw him take on The Calendar Man, and in a way that escalated a somewhat forgotten villain to an all new level but once despatched we were greeted with two new additions to Gotham City in the form of superhumans Gotham and Gotham Girl.  While their reveal was exhilarating, the issue 1 - a tribute to the heroism of Batman; I struggled to care about these new characters.  Yeah, their powers being almost like a viral strain that would ultimately take their lives was an interesting aside and really made you think about the act of heroism, but they only really added confusion to an already convoluted narrative arc that saw a maniacal plan hatched by Hugo Strange... momentarily.

King is either laying down some serious track for the next year of storytelling or he's trying desperately to juggle so much in an effort to compensate for that fact that Gotham City has lost an incredible architect in Snyder.  I'm unconvinced as to which...


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