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Saw this online and figured "fuck it", it's about my book I might as well share it.


Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard was touted as the superhero heist novel that bridged the gap between the comic book & graphic novel and the literary novel.  Having hit success with his debut outing Lost Angeles, Belfast writer David Louden’s follow-ups Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l] and White Mexicans performed well enough without ever really coming close to troubling Lost Angeles’ sales numbers.  The superhero-heist novel was the book to change that.  With 2016 being the year of hot superhero properties, it seemed a dead cert that Louden’s book, centering on the men and women working Hollywood Boulevard for tips, would appeal to DC and Marvel fans alike.


Sadly, sometimes dead certs fall.  "It’s not done what anyone was hoping." Louden said candidly "It’s as successful as a one-titted hooker with a hair lip."  Cutting through the crassness of his analogy, Louden has a point.  HoHB’s opening month saw it live in the Top Ten for its genre, since then however sales have been slack with only a celebrity endorsement from Phil Jupitus to bolster sales; albeit a short lived bolster.


For those who have read it, Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard has proven to be enthusiastically well received as it blends Louden’s dry and bitter slant on the world with capes and cowls but having been struck by a third under-performing outing it’s difficult to see where the writer will take inspiration from to come back for another try.


Penelope Sanchez said...

Seeing an opportunity to change his circumstances, Stu enlists his fellow superheroes for a daring heist that has the impersonators fall short of their counterparts' lofty standards causing friendships to fracture and divisions to become deadly.

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