COMIC: Henry Roscoe [Vol. 1] - Detective, Sort of

A few years back I was fortunate enough to get paid to write a TV pilot.  The premise?  A hard-drinking, pub quiz enthusiast finds himself out of his depth when he becomes a Private Detective in order to keep up with the mortgage.  After a couple of years in stop-start hell I've decided to do something with it myself.
What better way to celebrate receiving your last paycheck?

In recent years I've reconnected with my love of comic books and though he does make up a large portion of my collection; it's more than just Batman books.  I've tried on several occasions to get projects off the ground with artists but for various reasons the end product has never managed to arrive.  When contemplating doing Henry Roscoe, I had to seriously think about whether I was willing to commit the time required.  The reason being, I've decided not to rely on anyone else for anything.  I've adapted the TV script to comic script, have begun pencils myself, and have both inked and lettered the first six pages entirely by myself.

"They don't even have a proper Mel B, just some girl from Cullybackey with a heavy tan." Backstreet Clive

It is no exaggeration to state that this is a childhood dream, but it will take a considerable amount of time to get from script to trade.  That being said, if there are artists out there who would like to do a page, an act or even an entire story why not drop me a line [here]?  Yes, I know my art style is basic but as previously stated I'm doing it all myself and I'm tired waiting to be let down.


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