COMIC: Justice League - Rebirth [Vol. 1]

Bryan Hitch takes on writing duties in the post New 52 universe for the Justice League and drops the planet straight into the middle of a Summer Blockbuster-style invasion.  While issues 1 and 2 worked as beautifully as the opening act of Joss Whedon's Avengers the middle issues were a little muddled narratively speaking but Hitch's vision stood the course and powered through for a heckle raising "we're the Justice League, get the fuck off our planet" ending.
The Class of 2016 don't play nice with kids from outside our atmosphere.

State of Fear (the new story arch) has started with a bang.  Though the origin of the current seeds of destruction have yet to be revealed one thing is for certain.  Things are gonna get serious!!
Heroes fighting?  That almost never happens!!


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