TV: Braindead

Creators: Michelle King, Robert King
Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Having put The Good Wife to bed (leave it!), the Kings have moved their attentions from a Chicago law firm to that of Capitol Hill and the schemes & dreams of the West Wing.  The show has been pitched as the Kings' follow-up but in truth it couldn't be any further from the bible of The Good Wife. 
When you said you had a "chocolate lab" I thought you meant... you know... like Willy Wonka.

An army of alien ants are eating the brains of our politicians causing the fractious relationships Democrats and Republicans have been experiencing across the aisle for the last few years.  Served up as a horror/satire, it does a great job at demonstrating how a vacuum in our politicians humanity can lead to the rise of a loud-mouth racist like Donald J. Trump. 
Even an alien-filled Mr. Monk is a more believable human being than Donald Trump.
Braindead is an entertaining, if slightly odd, Network show.  In a world that saw Supergirl dropped by her Network only to be picked up at her natural home (alongside The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow) it's a show worth watching; if for no other reason that it might not last much longer.


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