FUNDING: Henry Roscoe #1 is a Go-Go!

Henry O’Toole has intentionally underachieved in life.  With an IQ of 185, Henry understood that in order to grow up in Troubles Belfast it was best to not see or know too much.  Now an adult, he's been robotripping (mixing alcohol and cough medicine to slow his motor functions) for the majority of his life; happy to idle away the weather-beaten days in Belfast with friends, pub quizzes and suffering through the ritualistic humiliations of his ex-wife Joy and her new love Jimmy. 
That is until Henry loses his job forcing him to re-evaluate his options and ultimately answer the call of the Raymond Chandler “romance” of private investigation work. With an ad in his local Tesco Metro and an almost homicidal determination to defeat the seemingly invincible local pub quiz champions Henry sees his world change almost overnight. Soon he is sucked into a deadly realm of drugs, sex, murder and picture rounds; as curiosity becomes intrigue and danger becomes death Henry finds himself out of his depth and tangled up in a Noir landscape so dark only the true gumshoe can emerge.  
Henry Roscoe: Detective, Sort of is part murder-mystery, part sports story (for the physically unfit/asthmatic) set against the backdrop of a modern day Belfast as chiaroscuro-clad and atmospheric as the Warner Bros. lot of 1940s Hollywood.


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