TV: 24: Legacy Cancelled By Fox

U.S. Ranger Eric Carter on the hunt for the missing talent from the Writer's Room

I'm not surprised. I'm not even bothered by this, and it is this that actually bothers me. In its day 24 was cutting edge and brilliant. The truth of the matter is the show could survive without Jack Bauer, what it can't survive without is writing. 
Little did Jack know watching 24: Legacy in one sitting would be the longest day of his life.

When they relaunched the show they said they did so because they had an "interesting new take on the format and a story they felt needed to be told"... but they didn't. The plot beats were a rehash of seasons 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 and even Live Another Day (which was problematic in its own right). The characters were little more than first draft shadows of what they needed to be with little or no purpose but to feed exposition to an audience that had already mentally checked out. I feel bad for Corey. He was let down by some tired, lazy writing. Another season of Big Bad Islam. You had an African American in the lead!  You had a show that deals in U.S. domestic terror threats so where were the white supremacist movement? They've carried out more attacks on U.S. citizens than anyone else in the last decade!
"You did what to MY legacy?!"

There's a serious blindspot in the U.S. media psyche that doesn't allow them to see the truth. The greatest threat comes from within the system that's held up by close-minded, bigoted, sexist, white men. Legacy also delivered the shows first openly gay (males, we had Mandy in Seasons 1, 2, and 4) couple... at the end of their relationship. Ocassionally talking about their feelings in a roundabout way that evoked no actual signs of their feelings. It saddens me that a once great show which held the mirror up to the dark figures in the corridors of power that open their wallets and command the Commander, that paved the way for the U.S.'s first Black President is now little more than a twelve hour advert for "If you see something, say something" (especially if they look a bit foreign).

A season so weak, frightened and unoriginal that it managed to stop the clock for good.
Don't cry Jack.  The IDW 24: Legacy comic is actually good!!

Bye 24... 23:59:59


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